Maria and Harvey and Now Florence, Oh My! 🌬️

NASA / Getty Images

NASA / Getty Images

Hurricane Florence approaching

A Category 4 hurricane is approaching the Eastern seaboard. The storm will hitthe Carolinas and parts of Georgia starting Thursday night. Millions received instruction to evacuate the area. Many outlets including President Trumpstressed the life-threatening potential of the storm.

Hurricane preparedness 

Trump stirred up controversy with a tweet about his administration's “A Plus” performance in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, despite the 3,000 person death toll in Puerto Rico. Outlets are debating the federal government’s effectiveness post-Maria, but none can deny that much destruction remains in the storm’s wake. This begs the question: is the government prepared for Florence?


Fox News Insider: NC Sen. Burr: Federal Response Ahead of Florence Has ‘Far Exceeded Expectations’

Market Watch: Trump Today: President touts readiness for Hurricane Florence and calls Puerto Rico response ‘unnapreciated’

Those who believe the government is prepared for Florence cite cooperation between the White House and FEMA, particularly the agency’s early stockpiling of equipment and resources. The Market Watch piece also downplays the attacking nature of Trump’s response to the Puerto Rican Mayor’s criticism, labeling it a call for more appreciation.


Vogue: For Trump, Hurricane Florence Will Be a Test He’s Already Failed

The Washington Post: Another Hurricane is About to Batter Our Coast. Trump is Complicit.

Those who believe the government is unprepared for Florence reference the government's response to Maria as well as Harvey (highlighting the 3,000+ dead after Maria and 88 dead after Harvey). The author of the WaPo piece also argues that Trump’s White House encourages extreme weather at its core by taking actions like the deregulation of methane.  

Handling of recent natural disasters

Those who defend and attack Trump’s handling of Maria both agree that Puerto Rico’s pre-storm infrastructure problems and its distance from the mainland made US aid more difficult. In recent history, the US government has handled hurricanes better on mainland soil than off of it.  However, given the storm's size, will Florence turn into Trump's Katrina despite infrastructure and proximity advantages?

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