Executive Branch vs. Judicial Branch 👨‍⚖️

Timothy D. Easley / AP

Timothy D. Easley / AP

My judge vs your judge

Last week, President Trump called Jon Tigar an "Obama judge" after the district judge blocked the administration's new restrictive asylum policy. The following day, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts made a rare statement by defending the idea of an independent judiciary in the US. 

The Ninth

The Ninth Circuit court is the largest federal appeals court. Throughout the Trump presidency, it has ruled against the White House on the travel ban, the termination of DACA, and cutting federal funding for sanctuary cities. The string of defeats has prompted President Trump to call every case filed in the Ninth Circuit an “automatic loss” for his administration.


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The left 
notes that even Roberts, a â€œRepublican-appointed" judge, is concerned about Trump. Articles point out that Trump expects judges to support the “presidents of the party that appoint them”. They point to Trump’s frustration with Justice Gorsuch (a Trump pick) who voted against the White House on an immigration case as further evidence.


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The right believes Trump was not out of line and criticize Robert’s statement as absurd. They point out that picking judges is a big deal for the president because judges are not “philosophically or ideologically neutral”. This side also asserts that past presidents have frequently criticized the Supreme Court and have not dealt with any backlash.

Can the Supreme Court stay apolitical?

Several justices have already spoken out about judicial independence and the danger of seeing the court as a political institution. However, with the intense political drama around the recent Supreme Court nomination process as well as the hyper partisan divide in the country, it is easy to see why the public views judges more through the lens of which party appointed them.

Judge Roberts be like



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