Hong Kong Extradition Bill Withdrawn πŸ“œ

Philip Fong / AFP / AFP / Getty Images

Philip Fong / AFP / AFP / Getty Images

A long time coming

On Tuesday, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam implemented a motion to formally withdraw the controversial extradition bill that sparked months of protests, as we reported previously. The bill sparked a massive backlash over the fact that it granted China the ability to extradite state-deemed criminals to mainland China for trial. 

More to come?

The withdrawal of the bill is one of five demands from protesters, and it's the first one for the government to concede. Protesters also seek inquiries into alleged police brutality, retraction of the β€˜rioters’ label from China, amnesty for arrested protesters, and dual universal suffrage. Protests are expected to continue through the coming weeks as citizens of Hong Kong feel they are on the verge of progress. 


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Articles that suggest enough has been achieved report in a more objective manner, as opposed to the opinion pieces that make up the opposite side of the spectrum. Facts are reported without an injected opinion or bias, and they simply explain what has occurred this week with the Hong Kong governments, offering insight on their decision-making. 


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Articles that indicate not enough has been done are mostly comprised of opinion pieces from western media sources. Many accusations of Chinese influence are present, while criticisms of Carrie Lam being a Chinese puppet figure are only increasing. An emphasis on the additional demands is discussed, and they focus on the remaining four demands. 

Where's the common ground?

Across both sides, sources hope for an amicable and just result of the ongoing protests. Western media sources commend the protesters for having the courage to stand up to the Chinese government in the name of democracy and freedom.  

Protesters be like



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