The Hidden Agenda #30 🕵️🔍

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NBC NewsWire/Getty


We're back with #30 of our Hidden Agenda series. The idea is to expose the hidden agenda in stories that are mostly being reported on one side of the conversation.


If you have time, reading the articles in this segment will better help you understand the point we're trying to make.

Right Topic: Congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez talks Israel

Fox News: 'Proudly Ignorant': Dem Socialist Candidate Ridiculed for Claiming Israel Occupying Palestine

Left Topic: Accent trouble on smart speakers

Washington Post: Why some accents don't work on Alexa or Google Home

Summary: 28-year-old Congressional candidate made waves by admitting she is not an expert on Israel-Palestine after calling Israel’s presence in Palestine an “occupation”.

Hidden agenda: She is being widely ridiculed for her statements/she doesn’t take issues seriously

Indicators in the article/segment:

  • Title includes quote “proudly ignorant” as if she said it
  • Only has twitter reactions from conservative voices to imply a tide of ridicule

What's missing:

  • Reactions from non-conservative thinkers
  • Most candidates aren’t experts on all the issues, she’s just one of the few to admit it


Summary: Voice-activated A.I. (like Alexa and Google Home) has a harder time understanding certain accents versus others - particularly for English speakers not born in the US.

Hidden agenda: Companies making these products are not meeting the needs of minorities and underserved communities

Indicators in the article:

  • Contains quote from a data scientist who said these systems work best for wealthier white people
  • Graphs in the article highlight accuracy problems for non-native speakers

What's missing:

  • Unlike the title suggests, it works for people with accents, just at a lower accuracy (Google Home: Spanish accent 80%, West Coast accent 86%)
  • Google and Amazon are based on the West Coast, so it makes sense that this accent would take the lead in a new technology that is still learning

DJ Khaled using Alexa



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