Harvard Admissions: Diversity or Discrimination? 👥

Brian Snyder / Reuters

Brian Snyder / Reuters

Is Harvard race-blind?

Harvard is in the middle of a 3-week trial that examines its use of race in admissions. A group of Asian-American applicants sued Harvard for allegedly discriminating against them by holding them to a higher standard and using an illegal racial quota system. Harvard denies any discrimination and has defended its “holistic” admissions process.

This sounds familiar

Back in 2015, a group of 60 Asian-Americans filed complaints against Harvard alleging discrimination. Furthermore, the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas (2013), where a white female applicant sued the university claiming she was denied because of her race, set the standard for allowing the use of race in the admissions process. 


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The left rings the alarm bells that this trial has severe implications for affirmative action programs. Some outlets go as far as saying “affirmative action’s days are numbered.” The left also accuses Edward Blum, who is leading the lawsuit against Harvard, of “exploiting” Asian-American students to advance a white agenda that will hurt Black and Latino students.


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The right uses the word “discrimination” profusely in article headlines, in so doing, influencing their readers to believe that Harvard is discriminating. The right also quotes lawyers representing the students, highlighting statements that strongly assert discrimination is occurring, such as “that’s race discrimination, plain and simple.”

So what does Harvard look for?

This case has opened Pandora’s Box when it comes to college admissions and as CNN put it, the trial has “put Harvard’s dirty secrets on display.” We have learned that there are many many ways to influence an application to Harvard, including:

  • Paying money (lots of it)

  • Being a strong athlete

  • Coming from a rural/non-feeder location

  • Being a legacy (a child of previous graduates)

  • And you guessed it...your race

Just get these and you can skip the whole college thing



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