Shutdown: Week Three Begins 🔐

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Shutdown 101

Exactly three weeks ago, the House passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government open. It failed to garner enough support in the Senate and resulted in the ongoing shutdown. Roughly 380,000 federal workers have been placed on unpaid leave, while 420,000 “essential” personnel are required to work without pay.


The current shutdown has been sharply politicized by both sides, with funding for a $5.7 billion border wall at the center of the dispute. Democrats are taking a firm stand against the wall, while Republicans, who still control the Senate, aren't budging on their demand for border wall funding. Trump has said the government might be shutdown for “months or a year.


Splinter: The Shutdown Isn't Stopping Administration Officials From Getting Nice Pay Raises

Huffington Post: Millions Could Lose Food Assistance If Government Shutdown Continues

The left focuses on blaming Trump for the shutdown and highlighting issues that arose out of it. The first major issue is the automatic raises that top Trump officials were slated to receive, but were subsequently halted after backlash. Another focuses on the possible loss of food stamp assistance if the shutdown drags on. 


The Daily Caller: Trump Calls Out WaPo and NBC News as Shutdown Talks Start

Fox News: Trump warns shutdown could last 'years,' says he may declare 'national emergency' to build border wall

The right’s approach to reporting this story has two flavors. One is pointing the finger at left-leaning news outlets for “fake sources” and the other is labeling Trump as “standing firm on his demands for a border wall.” Neither approach addresses the specific concerns raised by the left.

What's next?

Trump has delegated further negotiations to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, VP Pence and Sec. of Homeland Security Nielsen. Given that both sides are sticking firm to their positions it is difficult to predict who will blink. It’s likely that a “saving face” bill will pass that includes some additional funding for border security, without specifically labeling the funds for a “wall.” 

Literally happening right now



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