GA's Governor Race Continues 🍑

Jessica McGowan / Getty Images

Jessica McGowan / Getty Images

Election results still in limbo

Georgia’s governor race has yet to be finalized. As of Nov 12, Brian Kemp (R-GA) is leading with 50.3% of the vote, while Stacey Abrams (D-GA) follows with 48.8%. Kemp has declared victory, but Abrams has refused to concede.

A recount on the table

Abrams has filed a federal lawsuit demanding a recount of votes that were not included due to minor mistakes on rejected absentee and provisional ballots. Abrams is hoping for a runoff (which occurs if neither candidate has a majority). Kemp has assured his supporters that a runoff is mathematically impossible.


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The left agrees with Abrams that the election was not fair to begin with. They accuse Kemp of using Old South tactics like voter suppression and racism to stifle the voices of minority voters. They also argue that Kent was GA's Secretary of State during the elections, allowing him to rig the elections and act against democracy. As an example, hundreds of voting machines were found to be unused on the busy election day.


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The right dismisses Abrams’s call for a recount. They argue that Democrats will not stop demanding a recount until they get the results they want. They point out that the Democrats tried to run an ad on behalf of Abrams, a move that is technically illegal since a runoff election is not officially sanctioned. 

Will we see the nation's first black female governor?

Although the margins between Kemp and Abrams are closer than expected for a historically deep red state, Abrams would still need a significant number of votes (around 37,000) to rob Kemp of the majority and force a runoff. The likelihood of these votes being found is slim.



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