Fires Continue to Blaze in the Amazon 🔥

Joao Laet / AFP / Getty Images

Joao Laet / AFP / Getty Images

Becoming an inferno

Thousands of independent wildfires continue to ravage sections of the Amazon rainforest, with many of these fires taking place in Brazil. The disaster has caused an international outcry calling for a solution. However, the nation’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, is reluctant to take foreign aid from G7 countries. 

What's the beef?

Experts attribute these wildfires to slash-and-burn farming, by which fires clear rainforest land to make way for logging and beef farms. President Bolsonaro has been under fire from the international environmental community for allowing fires to continue to destroy ecosystems. The surge in deforestation has caused countries such as Germany and Norway to halt foreign aid to Brazil. 


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Publications that focus on the fires’ geopolitical impact magnify the internal strife of the Brazilian government, with large disparities between local governors and the president. These outlets report the public quarrel between French President Emmanuel Macron and Bolsonaro, as tensions increase between the two nations surrounding the halt of foreign aid. 


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Publications that focus on the fires’ environmental ramifications point out the harmful decision-making by Brazilian farmers to create more space for farming. Satellite images are used to show the magnitude of the wildfires. These articles highlight that many species of endangered animals are losing their nesting and breeding grounds, as well as the many indigenous tribes that inhabit the Brazilian Amazon and that have lost their homes.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides aim to broadcast this international crisis to the globe in a fair and equitable manner, despite the difference in the focus of coverage. From a global perspective, outlets hope that the issue is resolved quickly and harmlessly.    

An unfortunate reality:



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