FaceApp Posing Privacy Issues? 🤔

NBC News / FaceApp

NBC News / FaceApp

What’s the deal?

FaceApp, a photo filter application that uses AI to digitally alter a user’s face, has gone viral this week. However, having become one of the most downloaded apps in the world right now, many fear that the Russian-owned app poses security threats

What can they do with my photos?

In its terms of service, FaceApp states that it has the right to modify and publish any of the images an individual submits for rendering. However, security experts fear that access to images of users' faces will allow hackers to acquire personal information and banking credentials. 


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Articles that mention no privacy concerns report the app as a fun “challenge” that has taken social media by storm. These articles show celebrities such as DrakeTottenham Hotspur, and Dwyane Wade using the app’s aging filter. They also provide information on how to download the app and use its features. 


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Articles that claim the app poses privacy concerns point to Russia’s problematic record with online safety and tampering, referencing the 2016 US presidential elections. These articles consult cyber security experts who advise against uploading photos to photo apps, as they can be stored on international servers for future use, even after deleting the app. 

Where’s the common ground?

By the innate nature of online privacy, not much common ground is found. Despite this, all publications are taking measures to remind readers to stay safe online and to prevent the access of personal information.

Does anyone?!



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