2018 Emmy Complaints 🧐

Mary Ellen Matthews / NBC

Mary Ellen Matthews / NBC

SNL stars take center stage

Michael Che and Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” hosted the 70th Emmy Awards on Sunday. Leading up to the awards ceremony, the hosts promised an evening less focused on politics. Since the program aired, however, Americans are divided on whether they delivered.

Big shoes to fill

Given last year’s unabashed political tone and the rise of the #MeToo movement, many liberal critics protested the choice of Che and Jost — two men with a shared history of brushing off criticism for “offensive or controversial behavior” — as hosts.   


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The left 
is generally disappointed in the evening’s lackluster attempts at diversity (and at jokes, for that matter), calling attention to how few nominees of color actually wonawards. Some have suggested that not only was diversity abandoned where it counts, but that it was used as a distraction from the sexual abuse scandals gripping Hollywood and beyond.


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The right 
emphasizes the record-low ratings for the Emmys and points to the broader trend of low viewership for similar award shows. This side suggests a correlation between the liberal hosts and plummeting ratings, and denounce what they see as self-indulgent, ideological content that has become exclusionary to conservative white audiences.

Primetime political television

One side feels the Emmys went too far politically and the other believes it didn’t go far enough, which makes finding a middle ground difficult. Comedians are clearly grappling with their place in the country’s political climate in highly public ways — some have faired well, and some haven’t. That leaves the rest of us to come to terms with the increasing involvement of politics with spaces we once considered separate.

When you already know you're a winner



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