Emergency Aid Package Objection 🌪

AP file

AP file

Massie’s stance

On Tuesday Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) used the power of an individual lawmaker to keep a $19 billion emergency aid package from passing. Massie’s objection requires the House to reconvene after their week-long Memorial Day recess, as a vote must be unanimous to pass without a convention.

Dem’s reaction

Many Democrats have implored Massie to change his mind about objecting, as the package will help many disaster-struck communities such as those affected by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. The bill will likely be brought up again this Thursday, and yet again next week with the House present in full.


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The right criticizes House Speaker Pelosi for not bringing the disaster aid package up before the Memorial day recess period, echoing comments of Massie on Twitter. They also commend Massie and Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), another to reject the bill, for restoring fairness in the House and supporting healthy discussion over the bill’s passing.


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The left points out the urgency with which communities affected by natural disasters in the last few months need federal funding and help with rebuilding. They take Massie’s objection of the bill as a misplaced personal statement that is now successfully barring aid from victims across the country.

Where’s the common ground?

Many Reps. on both the left and the right support the passing of the emergency aid package. While Massie’s objection is undeniably poorly timed, it is still valid for the Republican Rep. to have his concerns about the bill heard.

Massie wants to kick it



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