Update: US Embassy Move to Jerusalem 🚚

Photo: Marco Ugarte / AP

Photo: Marco Ugarte / AP

Tensions persist in Gaza

The US embassy move to Jerusalem last Monday sparked violent protests at the Israel-Gaza border resulting in 60 Palestinians dead and many more injured. Following America, Paraguay and Guatemala have also moved their embassies to Jerusalem, with Romania, the Czech Republic, and Honduras announcing they will do the same. With tensions rising, many fear these actions may result in subsequent Hamas-led violent protests.

More about Hamas

A grassroots militant group, Hamas grew from a discontent with Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization’s leadership in the 1990s. Labeled a terrorist organization, Hamas has controlled Gaza since 2007 after Israel withdrew its troops in 2005. In last week's protests, Hamas was blamed for embedding violent attackers among unarmed protesters to incite violence.

The right focuses on Hamas as the root of the violence while crediting President Trump for doing something past presidents have falsely promised. Furthermore, they criticize the “enraged” liberal media for falling for Hamas’ propaganda in a desperate attempt to discredit Trump’s decision. They claim that a majority of Americans sympathize with Israel in spite of the negative media coverage. Also, they contend that Hamas intentionally sent people into fire knowing that they would garner attention from some media outlets - posing the question “Who really has blood on their hands?”

The left remains sympathetic to Palestine, but acknowledges Hamas as a terrorist organization that knowingly sends its people to their deaths for propaganda material. The left calls for the US to employ better diplomacy by involving the international community. They also question Israel’s PR efforts in using sensationalism to simplify a complex situation as a means to justify Palestinian deaths. Furthermore, they argue that labelling this as a “PR Victory” for Hamas undermines the tragedy.

Will there ever be peace?

After two wars and decades of conflict, President Trump’s decision to relocate the US embassy received criticism for ensuring a peaceful two-state solution was all but dead. However, this may not necessarily be the case. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital still allows Palestinians to claim East Jerusalem as their capital as part of a unified city. Nonetheless, as long as Hamas continues inciting violence and Israel returns fire, a peaceful solution will remain a pipedream. In light of the rising tensions, some creative ideas might need to be explored such as creating an artificial island to help Palestine's economy.

Trying to find peace between Israel and Palestine



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