Elizabeth Warren Hits The Road 🌽

M. Scott Mahaskey / POLITICO

M. Scott Mahaskey / POLITICO

Warren 2020?

Last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts announced that she would launch a presidential exploratory committee, the first step in launching a presidential campaign. She then embarked on a four-event tour of Iowa over this past weekend.

Warren 101

Elizabeth Warren was a Harvard Law professor that advocated for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She won her Senate seat in 2012 and has been a frequent critic of President Trump in the last few years. She released her DNA results to try quell rumors that she used a perceived Native American heritage to get ahead in her career.


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The left focuses on Elizabeth Warren’s message to Iowans. They highlight how she stuck to a message demanding change in Washington that would “strengthen" unions, workers and consumers. They also portray the crowds in the “packed rooms” to be “eager to hear her economic populist pitch”. 


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The right focuses on the issues that happened during her trip. They point out that the first question asked to Senator Warren was about her DNA results claiming her Native American ancestry. They claim the issue was a sore spot for her campaign. In addition, the right mentions how she drank beer live on Instagramand faced some criticism.

The first of many

While the spotlight for the Democratic presidential primary may be focused on Elizabeth Warren at the moment, there are many candidates that are mulling potential runs for 2020. Outlets are reporting on potential candidates like former VP Joe Biden, who may be preparing to announce their candidacies very soon.

When the press asks Joe if he's running



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