Economy Is Lit πŸ”₯

Ed Brown / Wikipedia Commons

Ed Brown / Wikipedia Commons

A strong start in spring

Last Friday, the Labor Department released the jobs report for the month of April. The U.S. economy added 263,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest in five decades. These numbers beat expectations that the economy would gain 190,000 jobs.

Trump takes a bow

Trump responded to the positive news with a tweet that emphasizes one of his core messages going into 2020. This report comes a couple days after a CNN poll found 56% of voters approved Trump’s handling of the economy which was a new high for the president.


Fox News: Surging economy complicates Dems’ 2020 message against Trump

Washington Examiner: Democrats search for ways to downplay Trump’s great economy

The right congratulates the President on the job numbers and focuses on the complications it brings to the Democrats. They highlight how the candidates in the β€œlarge Democratic field” for 2020 have β€œignored” the job reports. They conclude that the numbers make it β€œa tougher sell” for the contenders to convince votes of their own economic messages.


NBC News: Trump's economy is roaring. Will it carry him in 2020?

LA Times: The economy is thriving β€” but that may not be enough to get Trump reelected

The left acknowledges the strong job numbers but doubts that it will be enough to get Trump re-elected. They point out that only β€œ4 in 10 Americans” approve of the Trump presidency. These articles believe that a large portion of Americans still find Trump β€œrepugnant” and will stick to their views about him regardless of any good economic news. They also note that income inequality is still a huge problem.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides agree that this job report reflects a strong economy. They acknowledge that if the economy continues to remain strong into 2020, it will help Trump’s reelection. The difference in opinion comes down to whether the economy itself will be enough for Trump to win the election.

Income inequality



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