Donald Trump and Prince Charles Discuss Climate Change 🌍

Victoria Jones / Getty Images

Victoria Jones / Getty Images

A 90 minute meeting

In an interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, the American president stated that his chat with Prince Charles was meant to only last 15 minutes. Trump claimed the Prince “did most of the talking” and that they both agree future generations should have “good climate.”

Trump faults India, China, Russia for air pollution

During the interview with Morgan, Trump asserted that India, China and Russia do not “have very good air.” He claimed they “don’t do the responsibility.” Trump, however, defended the US as boasting one of “the cleanest climates.”


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The right focuses on Trump’s reception of Prince Charles. Articles will be keen to explore how the environmentalist Prince appealed to Trump. Rather than stressing Trump’s hiccups, right-wing outlets will report how he may be adjusting his climate change views because of the Prince.


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Washington Post: We feel your pain, Prince Charles

The left tends to focus on Trump’s major claims regarding climate change. Articles will analyze some of the president’s controversial opinions, such as his view that climate change “goes both ways.”  Left-wing publications are eager to touch on Trump’s gaffes and bold opinions.

Where's the common ground?

Common ground here is minimal. Both the left and the right will agree that the Prince appealed to Trump to a certain extent. Both sides will portray Prince Charles, who has been vocal about the issue, as someone committed to tackling climate change.

Prince Charles is a patient man



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