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CBS News

A rocky interview

Lesley Stahl interviewed President Trump for the latest 60 Minutes episode. Trump claimed “wins” in regards to the US's booming economy as well as diplomatic and military leverage over China, North Korea and Russia. However, Stahl pressed on issues like the suspected murder of a Saudi journalist and Hurricane Michael’s destruction - leading to pushback by Trump.

Just in time for midterms

Trump’s interview comes just as Americans are set to vote in the country’s midterm elections. Democrats may be able to retake the 23 seats necessary for a majority in the House. Stahl believes that Trump appeared on ‘60 Minutes’ to increase Republicans’ chances of victory during the election.


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The left criticizes Trump's interview for his skepticism of climate change, his insensitivity towards Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, and diversion of Russian election interference. They perceive the false information Trump put forth in this interview as simply adding to the list of falsehoods throughout his presidency. Articles from this side also commend Stahl’s attempt to pin down Trump’s scattered answers.


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The right commends Trump for standing his ground on his foreign policies. Articles from this side also condemn what they perceived as Stahl’s belligerent line of questioning and constant interruptions. They accuse the left of spinning Trump’s statements; in particular, right leaning outlets deny the claim that Trump didn’t care about the Ford trial, instead asserting that the President wanted to avoid reigniting another Kavanaugh debate.

Power comes at a price

During the interview, Stahl attempted to curb Trump’s sharp words for the media--to which Trump responded, “Lesley, it’s OK. In the meantime, I’m president and you’re not.” It’s true that the left-leaning media does exhibit a call-out culture, however, Trump’s outburst here is not only condescending but also undermines the notion of democracy by asserting the privilege and power of the executive branch over critics.

Trump talking to Stahl like he took over the ship



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