California Reinstates Net Neutrality 📡

Katy Murphy / TNS

Katy Murphy / TNS

DoJ sues California

California signed its heavily-contested net neutrality bill into law on Sunday, making California the fourth state to do so after the FCC reversed federal neutrality rules last December. The move almost immediately prompted a lawsuit by the Department of Justice.

Remind me what Net Neutrality is again

“Net neutrality” is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) should not be allowed to slow down or charge more for certain internet services. ISPs like AT&T and Comcast have lobbied hard against this idea, arguing internet regulations are unnecessary and harm the free market. Proponents of net neutrality say protections are needed to guard against monopolies, discrimination, and censorship.


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Supporters of the DOJ’s lawsuithighlight the Attorney General’s arguments that the Constitution gives the federal government, not states, the right to regulate interstate commerce (the Internet falls into this category because it functions across borders). These articles call the law the latest example of states overextending their legal rights in order to “rebuff” President Trump’s policies.


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Opponents of the lawsuit argue that, considering the FCC’s recent deregulatory actions, the Commission has given up its authority to regulate Internet providers, opening that authority up to states. They defend the law as a means of protecting consumers against extra charges and of ensuring fair competition for small businesses.

Is California setting a bad example?

Blue states such as California have slowly been increasing their defiance against the federal government. While we may not all agree on federal laws, blue states are actively pushing back on many Trump initiatives. In California alone, the state has pushed back on the federal government on immigration, the environment and now net neutrality. This could be setting a bad precedent for red states when the White House is blue again.

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