DNC Will Take Big Oil Money 🛢️

Branden Camp / The Associated Press

Branden Camp / The Associated Press

Your money is welcome here

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted 30-2 to pass a proposal that would reverse a ban on political contributions from employees of fossil fuel industries. The proposal would allow employees in fossil fuel industries to donate individually, through their union or through their employer’s political action committee.


There was a ban?

Just two months ago, the DNC unanimously passed a proposal that would bar the organization from accepting donations from political action committees of fossil fuel companies. Its passage was seen as part of the DNC’s effort to connect with grassroots voters and emphasize the party’s stance on environmentalism.

The right views the reversal as a “desperate measure” by “a cash-strapped Democratic National Committee”. They note that the DNC has $8.7 million in cash and nearly $5.7 million in debt while the Republican National Committee has nearly 5x more cash and no debt. Articles also hint at the influence that fossil fuel employee unions have on the DNC since their "outcry" helped reverse the ban.

The left largely believes the ban reversal is a misstep by the DNC. They believe the reversal, which made “no mention of climate change”, could not be timed any worse as scientists have been calling the extreme fires in California the new normal thanks to climate change. The articles fear the reversal opens the door for fossil fuel executives to use their money to influence Democrats.

Impact on the midterm elections

According to a Yale report, climate change is the fourth most important issue for liberal Democrats and the ninth most important for all Democrats. The DNC's reversal may dampen grassroots enthusiasm in a midterm year and cause some voters to stay home. Even though recent special elections and primaries have hinted at a possible 'blue wave' come November, Democrats should avoid shooting themselves in the foot when Republicans are on high alert.

Dems: avoid self-blows

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