Diving Into The Border Crisis 😲



Breaking records

2019 is on pace for more illegal immigration attempts at the southern border than any time in the last decade. US officials detained over 76,000 migrants in February - more than double compared to February 2018. Border patrol officials say they are reaching a point where they may not be able to handle the large influx as it continues to grow.

Justified emergency?

President Trump has been advocating for border wall funding to stop what he has labeled a "national emergency" at the border. Congress has decided to pass resolutions against Trump for labeling it a national emergency (more on that in the next story). 


Washington Post: Record number of families, cold reality at border

NY Times: More Migrants Are Crossing the Border This Year. What’s Changed?

The left acknowledges that illegal border crossings are on the rise, but focus less on the data and more on the "why". They note that many are migrants from Central America who are fleeing poverty with their families (read: not criminals). They are also careful with their words and say "unauthorized migration" as opposed to illegal immigration, which easily triggers the right.


Fox News: Southern border at 'breaking point' after more than 76,000 illegal immigrants tried crossing in February, officials say

Washington Times: Record arrests of Illegal-immigrant families on border bolster Trump's emergency claim

The right focuses on the data to prove their viewpoint that illegal immigration is becoming a massive issue that justifies things like Trump's border wall. They quote border protection officials who say we are at a "breaking point" and that the system is "beyond capacity" to emphasize their point.

So is there a crisis?

Assuming the numbers are accurate, it does seem like the border issue is a problematic one that needs resolve. Will a border wall fix it? We can't say for sure, but some type of bipartisan agreement to address the situation is needed. Both Democrats and Republicans are being stubborn when there is likely a middleground to help solve the problem.

When Democrats and Republicans say they're listening



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