Dems Report Maltreatment at the Border 🗣

Cedar Attanasio / AP

Cedar Attanasio / AP

A visit to the border

On Monday, a group of Democratic lawmakers, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, toured two Texas border detention facilities. They reported horrible living conditions, finding that women were held with no access to water, children were separated from parents, and cells were so full that occupants couldn't lie down.

Dems’ reactions

AOC, among other Democrats, spoke out on Twitter about the conditions she witnessed during these border tours. In one of her tweets, the congresswoman quotes a migrant woman who described treatment in detention as “psychological warfare”.


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The right questions AOC’s claims, and they call for security camera footage as proof of the conditions reported. Articles also call out AOC's tweets criticizing border officials as being “physically & sexually threatening” towards her, insinuating that the congresswoman may have actually been the confrontational party and not the officers.


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The left takes AOC and the other Democratic lawmakers' claims at face value. They cite other documented atrocities that have taken place at the border detention centers as confirmation of what the congresswoman saw during her visit. In particular, they reiterate the maltreatment of children at the border.

Where's the common ground?

While many on the right don’t believe AOC’s statements on Texas border control facilities, neither side can justify the extreme maltreatment she describes. Whether or not there is concrete evidence in support of the Democrats' claims, both sides seek further investigations.

AOC isn't too happy



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