Dems Rally to Stop Climate Change 🌎

J Pat Carter / The Washington Post / Getty Images

J Pat Carter / The Washington Post / Getty Images

A state of emergency?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders are working to declare climate change as a state of emergency. Joined by Oregon Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer, the group of progressive lawmakers hopes to invoke national and global action to combat the problem, starting off with a resolution to be introduced in the House of Representatives.

How it came about

The initiative was spurred by recent environmental anomalies, such as Monday’s record-breaking flood in DC, and by President Trump’s own “phoney national emergencies” as described by Sanders. Blumenauer was encouraged to speak out after Pres. Trump’s declaration of emergency at the southern border in order to begin construction for a wall. 


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The right is quick to point out that the lawmakers lack an actual plan of attack, only having outlined the problems that climate change causes and the effects on public health. Articles also bring up the Green New Deal–Democrats’ proposal to curb fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions–in the context of its failure to pass a vote in the Senate in March of this year. 


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The left highlights the urgent state of the environment and the importance of cutting out fossil fuels as soon as possible. Sources criticize Pres. Trump and his administration for believing global warming to be a “hoax” and ignoring the “existential” problem in favor of other issues deemed to be less pressing.

Where's the common ground?

Though articles on the right still call the severity and reality of global warming into question, neither side fully dismisses climate change altogether. Whether or not one is partial to addressing climate change, the gravity of data brought up by these lawmakers is worth exploring.

The fight against climate change?



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