Democrats Want The Full Mueller Report 🕵️‍♀️

Cheriss May / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Cheriss May / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Mueller’s findings

Last week, Attorney General William Barr released a letter summarizing the preliminary findings of Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report into Trump’s campaign, stating that a declassified version of the full document will be released by mid-April. Mueller’s findings, a full 400 pages, detail his investigation of potential links between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Dem’s discontentment

While Barr’s summation of Mueller’s findings state that there was not enough proof to prove conspiracy between the Russian government and members of the Trump campaign, Democrats are unsatisfied. Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler is now endorsing a subpoena in order to access the complete report.


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The right often interprets the Democratic party’s discontent as an inability to accept Mueller’s results as not being in their favor. Many articles site lawyer Alan Dershowitz who claims Barr is not legally bound to release Mueller’s full report to the public.


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The left focuses heavily on Congress’ need to see Mueller’s unaltered report in order to determine whether the law was actually broken. They hypothesize mal-intent in AG Barr’s altering of the documents, sometimes alluding to a Watergate-like “conspiracy.”

Where's the common ground?

While the necessity of releasing Mueller’s report unredacted is still in question, both the right and left can generally agree that the ideal outcome of the report would be assuring that the election in 2020 goes untampered with.

Meanwhile, elections in Russia...



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