Cruz and Beto Battle in Texas ⭐

Tom Fox-Pool / Getty Images

Tom Fox-Pool / Getty Images

Name calling

In their final debate this week, Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke faced Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in a fiery exchange during which O’Rourke called Cruz “dishonest” and “all talk and no action”. Cruz accused O’Rourke of being “out of touch” with Texans and a Democrat extremist.


Beto O’Rourke, a current U.S. congressman, has gained attention and adoration from liberals (including Willie Nelson). O’Rourke has raised an impressive $38 million in campaign funds in the past 3 months, while Cruz has raised only $12 million.


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The left 
viewed O’Rourke as the clear victor of the debate. Articles say Cruz’s performance made him look stale, old, and out of date. Cruz’s responses to questions about climate change (“the climate has been changing from the dawn of time”) and tax cuts struck the left as rhetoric from a former era.


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The right
, on the other hand, viewed Cruz as the winner. Articles claim that O’Rourke’s support comes from outside Texas, such as liberal strongholds like New York and California. The right also highlighted Cruz’s point that he has a “special relationship” with President Trump and can influence him - something Beto certainly will not be able to do.

Who will win the election?

It’s a hard-left vs. hard-right race in a red state - and it’s closer than you’d think. While Cruz is likely to win, it’s surprising that Beto O’Rourke - a relatively unknown politician who is very liberal - has garnered so much support in a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic Senator since 1988. Ted Cruz declined to participate in a CNN town hall last night - so maybe he thinks his campaign is better off without him appearing on TV next to O’Rourke...

Ted was too busy being a baller



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