Cracking Down on Russian Hackers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Alexei Druzhinin / Ria Novosti / Associated Press

Alexei Druzhinin / Ria Novosti / Associated Press

Cyber attacks

In a joint statement, the British and Dutch Prime Ministers accused Russia of carrying out a series of global cyber attacks. Soon after, US officials arrested seven Russian military officers for perpetrating hackings against the US and international anti-doping agencies. Expectedly, Russia denied the accusations.

An ongoing problem

Dutch authorities caught and expelled four Russians in April for attempting to breach the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ headquarters. The OPCW is the same organization that investigated Russia’s role in the poisoning of a UK double agent in March. 


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Articles that call for 
caution in responding to the cyberattacks fear that actions against the Kremlin will render the west more vulnerable to attacks. Articles point out that many western countries, particularly those in the EU, have differing stances on responding to Russian hostility. They call on increased communication among western nations to discuss the next steps in restoring the world order.


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Articles that call for 
action believe that the Russian cyberattacks are destabilizing threats to the world’s biggest democracies. They condemn this breach in global security and international law, and they commend British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s pledge to expose and respond to the threat. They highlight that Russia's past offenses and accusations form a dangerous pattern that necessitates holding Russia accountable for its actions.

Will Russia be held accountable?

Maybe, but this hasn't stopped Russia in the past. Russia continues to perpetrate cyberattacks in spite of numerous sanctions imposed over the years. Furthermore, we must remember that not all of Russia has such malign interests. In fact, the GRU (Russia's military intelligence arm doing all the hacking) has targeted Russian citizens and businesses themselves, perhaps demonstrating its threat to not only western countries but also its own.

Putin hacked us



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