UN Climate Change Conference Begins 🌎




The United Nations’ annual two-week climate change conference, also known as COP24 (24th Conference of the Parties), began on December 3 in Poland. World leaders met to discuss how to turn the terms of the 2015 Paris agreement into reality.

No-show for the US

Noticeably absent from the conference were senior representatives from the US (they sent working-level staff instead). President Trump has made clear his decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris agreement, and has denied the existence of climate change itself.


The Guardian: David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

Vox: The “Trump effect” threatens the future of the Paris climate agreement

The left argues that climate change is the biggest man-made threat to civilization. They see the task of preventing climate change as a collective effort. Therefore Trump’s decision to not cooperate in collective efforts have spurred what the left terms the “Trump effect,” which threatens to destroy the trust and responsibility upon which these global agreements are founded.


Washington Examiner: David Attenborough goes way over-the-top on climate change

Daily Caller: UN Climate Summit to Emit More CO2 Than 8,200 American Homes Do in a Year

The right argues that Attenborough’s civilization-destroying comments on climate change are alarmist and not based on science. Sources also ironically point out that the carbon footprint of the conference itself (not including travel) will emit 55,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 

Will COP24 result in effective changes?

Likely not, unless the US steps up. As one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, US cooperation is crucial in working towards preventing climate change. The US's refusal to take a leadership role, or any major role at all, could render the UN’s efforts futile. 

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