To Shut the Government Down or Not? 🤔

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Time for a new spending bill

The House and Senate passed a new spending bill to prevent a government shutdown at the end of this month. The $853 billion bill ensures funding until December and is awaiting President Trump's signature. Funding for Trump’s border wall is not included in the bill.

Trump's mixed messages

Trump has thrown around the idea of shutting down the government to force funding for the border wall. At a Montana rally earlier this month, he said he’d “most likely” not shut down the government - then told reporters he would “have no problem” forcing a shutdown. Yesterday he said, “we’ll keep the government open.”


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The left argues that the border wall is unpopular amongst voters and that a shutdown will hurt the Republicans more than the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections (since Republicans are in control of Congress). The left even quotes Paul Ryan who said, “a shutdown is not in anyone’s interest, and [Trump] knows that.”


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The right believes now is the time for Trump to push hard for border wall funding. Articles say Trump will be forfeiting leverage by signing the spending bill since neither Democrats or Republicans in Congress want to risk a shutdown before the midterm elections. The right also argues that the president has a clear mandate from his voters to get the wall built - and fighting for it now will only help Republicans in November’s elections.

Should we expect a shutdown?

Almost certainly not. While 57% of Americans oppose building the wall, 77% of Republicans still support it. Despite this support, it’s the coming midterms that will drive Trump's decision: Republicans could lose control of one or both chambers of Congress and are trailing the Democrats in the polls - so it’s unlikely that Trump will rock the boat with a shutdown at this point.

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