Common Ground #7 🤝



Quick reminder

We recently launched a new series called Common Ground. As a reminder, our goal with this series is to highlight the common values that left and right-leaning media outlets share. We're doing this because we want to remind our readers that not every topic is partisan and polarizing.

How will we do this?

We’ll take articles from the left and the right that seem to be telling a news story in the same way - and extract common values from them. We hope these common values spark a conversation of agreement with your neighbor on the other side of the aisle. 😊


Daily Caller (Right): CNN Personalities Praise Trump's 9/11 Speech: 'Beautifully Written'

Slate (Left): For Once, Trump Gives an Appropriate Speech and Conducts Himself With Dignity

Summary: Trump gave a 9/11 speech at the site of the United 93 crash. It was described by both sides as a somber and approrpriate speech that was markedly different than his usual campaign-style speeches. Trump recognized both Democrats and Republicans in the speech.

Evidence of common ground:

  • Despite putting forth some critiques of Trump, the left source says he “conducts himself with dignity”

  • The left source praises him for “graciously recognizing Democrats and Republican politicians on stage with him”

  • The right source highlights CNN reporters giving Trump credit for a good speech

Common ground: 
This was a fine moment that honored 9/11 heroes, and giving credit across the aisle should be praised


Fox Business (Right): Trump to issue order allowing sanctions on foreigners meddling in U.S. elections

NY Times (Left): U.S. Is Said to Allow Sanctions on Foreigners Accused of Interfering in Elections

Summary: President Trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions on foreigners who interfere in U.S. elections. Both left and right-leaning outlets lent credit to the probability of election interfering and showed satisfaction with this move.

Evidence of common ground:

  • Both sources cite “intelligence agencies” when discussing Russian interference

  • Left source calls this an “additional tool” in fighting election interference;
    Right source calls it “another tool in the tool kit”

  • Both articles only use positive quotes about Trump’s action

Common ground:
 Election interference is a problem and this is a step in the right direction

A rare moment



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