Common Ground #4 🤝

Noah Berger / AP

Noah Berger / AP

Quick reminder

We recently launched a new series called Common Ground. As a reminder, our goal with this series is to highlight the common values that left and right-leaning media outlets share. We're doing this because we want to remind our readers that not every topic is partisan and polarizing.


How will we do this?

We’ll take articles from the left and the right that seem to be telling a news story in the same way - and extract common values from them. We hope these common values spark a conversation of agreement with your neighbor on the other side of the aisle. 😊

Summary: A Bernie Sanders supporter was beaten up by Antifa (an extreme anti-fascist group) at a protest. Although they both had the same goal of protesting a right-wing demonstration, the Bernie supporter was carrying an American flag, and Antifa found this to be a “fascist symbol”. He needed to be taken to the hospital afterward.

Evidence of Common Ground:

  • Both articles highlight that the man was a Bernie supporter who wanted to take back the American flag from the right-wing extremists

  • Both put the Antifa description of the flag as “fascist” in quotations marks

  • Both describe the aftermath of the attack on the victim

Common Ground: Calling the flag a fascist symbol is going too far. Antifa’s methods are ugly and hurting the left by being so extreme

Summary: A California fire department chose a Verizon plan that had unlimited data, but had slower speeds when they exceeded a certain amount of data. This became an issue during the major Mendocino wildfire. Verizon apologized, saying that this was a mistake since they remove speed limits in emergency situations. The county blamed it on net neutrality. 

Evidence of common ground:

  • Both articles read extremely similar, with similar quotes from both sides and very little spin

  • Both end with a quote from the county disagreeing with Verizon’s actions

  • Both use the verb “throttling” in the titles to describe Verizon’s actions

Common ground: This was not a good look for Verizon - companies need to support our first responders more

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