Common Ground #30 🤝

Monty Rakusen / Cultura RF / Getty Images

Monty Rakusen / Cultura RF / Getty Images

Quick reminder

We recently launched a new series called Common Ground. As a reminder, our goal with this series is to highlight the common values that left and right-leaning media outlets share. We're doing this because we want to remind our readers that not every topic is partisan and polarizing.

How will we do this?

We’ll take articles from the left and the right that seem to be telling a news story in the same way - and extract common values from them. We hope these common values spark a conversation of agreement with your neighbor on the other side of the aisle. 😊


Fox News (right): The 'trashtag challenge' has people cleaning up the environment

CNN (left): #trashtag: Viral challenge sends internet on a garbage hunt

Summary: There have been popular viral challenges in recent years, some for good causes.  There was the Ice Bucket challenge that supported ALS research. In the last few days, a similar challenge has arisen for cleaning up trash. Participants take stylish photos of places covered in trash, and then photos of the place afterwards. This is the kind of cause everyone can get behind, possibly even Oscar the Grouch.  

Evidence of Common Ground:

  • CNN calls it “wholesome”

  • Fox says its “making the world a little bit of a better place”

  • Both include impressive and uplifting pictures of spaces being cleaned up from trash

Common Ground: 
Let’s celebrate something good coming out of social media


Fox News (right): Trump says he's 'O.K.' with 'permanent' Daylight Saving Time

CNN (left): The tyranny of clock changing for daylight saving needs to end

Summary: Every Spring, Americans set the clock forward and gain an extra hour of sunlight.  But then they have to set it back in the fall, and the result is depressingly dark winter afternoons. A recent bill started by Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott aims to extend daylight savings to the whole year, and the left and the right seem to be in sunny agreement. 

Evidence of Common Ground:

  • Fox News starts with sentence saying Trump and “everyone” are tired of switching the clocks, CNN opinion article calls clock switching “tyranny” in the title

  • CNN includes only evidence in favor of stopping the clock-switching, Fox News article doesn’t clearly state any evidence against it, and ends with evidence in favor of keeping it lighter later, as proposed in the bill

Common Ground: Let’s have brighter afternoons all year round!

Good riddance!



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