Common Ground #20 🤝

Carlos Barria / Reuters

Carlos Barria / Reuters

Quick reminder

We recently launched a new series called Common Ground. As a reminder, our goal with this series is to highlight the common values that left and right-leaning media outlets share. We're doing this because we want to remind our readers that not every topic is partisan and polarizing.

How will we do this?

We’ll take articles from the left and the right that seem to be telling a news story in the same way - and extract common values from them. We hope these common values spark a conversation of agreement with your neighbor on the other side of the aisle. 😊

TOPIC: Prison Bill

Fox News (right): 
Senate passes criminal justice reform bill, sends to House

NY Times (left):Senate Passes Bipartisan Criminal Justice Bill

Summary: President Trump’s bipartisan criminal justice reform bill passed the Senate and House this week. This bill plans to reduce overcrowding of prisons and give many criminals a second chance at life. Some measures include growing prisoner rehabilitation efforts and giving judges the ability to give smaller sentences to drug offenders. Both the left and the right hailed this bipartisan moment.

Evidence of common ground:

  • Fox News quotes Democrat Corey Booker and Republican Chuck Grassley praising the bill; NY Times talks about the two senators hugging

  • Both highlight the support of liberal and conservative advocacy groups (ranging from the ACLU to the Koch Brothers)

  • Both quote Trump saying “my job is to fight for ALL citizens, even those who have made mistakes”

Common ground:
Bipartisanship and prison reform are worth celebrating

It's cute when Democrats and Republicans finally get along



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