CNN vs. Trump Administration…again 🥊

 Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images

 Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Trump attacking the media

At a White House press conference yesterday, Jim Acosta, a CNN reporter and frequent target of the President’s anti-media remarks, asked Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to disavow President Trump’s description of journalists as “the enemy of the people.” 


Sarah Sanders would have none of it

Sanders declined to refute the president’s comments, instead reminding Acosta that she has frequently been maligned by the media. She referenced Michelle Wolf’s remarks at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and accused Acosta of “lowering the level of conversation in the U.S.” Acosta walked out of the briefing thereafter.

The right sees this story as another example of the liberal media making much of nothing just to attack Trump. Articles from the right respond to the accusation that President Trump is endangering journalists by pointing to abuses on the left: accusing Maxine Waters of calling on liberals to harass Trump supporters and recalling the attack on Republican lawmakers at a baseball game in 2017. It’s the liberals, they argue, that are making journalists unsafe.

The left sees the tense exchange between Acosta and Sanders as symptomatic of larger problems plaguing our society in the age of Trump. Articles from the left argue that Trump’s hostility toward the press is anti-American and is actually endangering journalists in the U.S. Acosta was booed and called a “traitor” at a Trump rally earlier this week.

Will Jim and Sarah make up?

Jim Acosta has gained cred as a journalist who will ask the hard questions - so likely not. The Trump administration’s relationship with most major press outlets, other than Fox News, has been combative from the start. But, if you’re looking for an upbeat ending here, know that Acosta was asked to sign autographs and take selfies at the Trump rally by the same people who booed him. So maybe everything will just be OK?

When someone asks you for your autograph



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