Clickbait Watch #9 🖱️

Lorenzo Bevilaqua / ABC

Lorenzo Bevilaqua / ABC

A reminder

Clickbait stories are meant to generate online clicks for the sole purpose of driving more traffic and hence generate more $$$ for an online publisher. This often means loud, extreme language used in the titles of stories. I guess not many people click on calm titles. 🤷

So what?

Clickbait leads to a rise in the volume and anxiety of your online news experience, or even misleading reporting. Each week we'll look at the most egregious clickbait titles, and after analyzing them, give them a less extreme title based on the actual information in the article.


Huffington Post: New Yorkers have no time for 'Fox & Friends' host Steve Doocy

News Bling’s Suggestion: New Yorkers have no time for a TV host

Reason:  Trying to get New Yorkers to be impressed by a camera and microphone is nearly impossible at the best of times, let alone on a Monday morning. Watching the video of Steve Doocy trying to ask New Yorkers for their opinion, one can see that most people didn’t even see who it was. No matter the host, this was likely a doomed experiment in a famously busy city. Turning it into a piece about shunning a specific host seems to set up a false, partisan narrative- it seems to say this is a video of New Yorkers saying “no” in protest. This feels disingenuous compared to the actual footage and circumstances of the video.  


Fox News: Meghan lashes OUT (link title)

News Bling’s Suggestion: Debate on the View over Behar’s hyperbolic comment

Reason:  This title appeared in the Features & Faces section of the Fox News homepage. The all-caps “out” is classic click-bait strategy. The link picture for the article was a photo of an enraged-looking Meghan McCain, co-host of The View. But the actual article was about Joy Behar saying the Republican Party should be locked up over supporting Trump in this Mueller Probe. Meghan McCain took issue with the comment, and Behar said it was just hyperbole. The other hosts then also commented on Behar’s comment. Meghan McCain took up a grand total of two sentences in this article, so for her to be the focus of the link title and picture seems to be geared towards getting clicks from people with strong opinions about her, rather than conveying real information about the article.

New Yorkers just have a lot to be bitter about



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