Chick-fil-A Faces Backlash 🐔

Travis Heying / Wichita Eagle  /  MCT / LANDOV

Travis Heying / Wichita Eagle / MCT / LANDOV

The background

Chick-fil-A is a popular American fast-food chain, based in Georgia, that is as famous for its chicken as it is for its company values. Late founder S. Truett Cathy was a devout Southern Baptist believing that the chain should be closed on Sundays and whose strong religious beliefs continue to drive company values today."


Back in 2012, COO Dan Cathy's public statements in opposition to same-sex marriage became the subject of public controversy. In March this year, it was reported that the restaurant chain gave $1.8 million to anti-LGBTQ groups that bar employees from “homosexual acts.” In light of the news, Chick-fil-A was barred from opening restaurants in Buffalo Niagara International Airport and San Antonio International Airport.


Washington Examiner: Buffalo the second airport to ban Chick-fil-A over same-sex marriage issue

Fox News: Chick-fil-A banned from San Antonio airport over alleged 'legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior'

The right focuses on the “alleged” donations to anti-LGBTQ groups and throws into doubt the likelihood the barring would stand. The right also dismisses the donations by calling them an “issue,” which minimizes the significance of the decisions to bar the restaurant chain.


CNBC: Chick-fil-A loses two airport deals in less than two weeks

CBS News: Chick-fil-A barred from second airport after anti-LGBTQ donations

The left 
focuses the story on Chick-fil-A being barred from the two airports without significant mention about whether or not the actions in question face opposition. By reporting the story in such a way, the left makes it seem that the decisions to bar will stand without significant pushback, which is not the case.

Where's the common ground?

There is strong disagreement from both sides. The right is against it, with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calling the decision “discriminatory...inconsistent with the Constitution and Texas law.” The left stands in support of the banning. Treating all people with respect and keeping politics outside of business decisions is likely a win-win for everyone involved and it’s also the common ground for this story.

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