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Overhauling the government

Last Friday, the Democrat-controlled House passed HR1 - a massive remodel of the nation’s ethics, campaign finance, and voting laws. It represents the House Democrats' effort to fulfill a 2018 campaign pledge to combat corruption in Washington.

What is in the bill?

HR1 can be broken down into three main subsections: campaign finance, government ethics, and voting rights. Some of its most notable changes include creating an automatic voter registration system, requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns, and making election day a federal holiday.


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The left praises the move as the most significant democratic reform bill since Watergate. They highlight portions of the bill that would curb gerrymandering by requiring independent commissions and require two week of early voting in every state. These articles mention that the reforms are “tested and proven solutions” that have already been implemented by many states. They view HR1 as instrumental in “strengthening voting rights” andreducing the influence of Corporate America in politics.


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The right frames their opposition towards HR1 through the lens of a federal power grab. They cite comments that describe the “nearly 700 page bill” as a “massive federal government takeover” and note the ACLU’s opposition to bill on unconstitutional First Amendment grounds. These articles focus on the portions of the bill that would give “the Swamp” the ability to “micromanage state elections”.

What's next for the bill?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already stated that he will not “even bring it to the floor” of the Senate for a vote. While the bill gets stalled out in the Senate, it could still play a role in the upcoming elections. One news article has already reported that the bill and all its ideas have started to become an issue that will be heavily debated in the 2020 campaign.

Ready for the debates?



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