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Pence & LGBTQ rights

On Sunday, South Bend Mayor and 2020 presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) called out the “Mike Pences” of the world for not accepting the sexual orientation of LGBTQ individuals. Buttigieg, in his speech to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, talked about his struggles as a gay man and how his sexual orientation was not a choice.

Who the heck is Pete Buttigieg?

Pete Buttigieg is a two term mayor of South Bend, IN and an Afghanistan war veteran. Buttigieg came out as openly gay in 2015, prior to his re-election campaign, and shortly after returning from Afghanistan. A Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and a graduate of Harvard, Buttigieg worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. prior to joining the U.S. Navy Reserve and then eventually entering politics. Labeled the "Most Interesting Mayor," he plays three instruments and speaks eight languages.


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The right 
focuses on defending Pence in light of Buttigieg’s statements. They claim that Buttigieg has pushed a narrative that Pence has a crusade against him because Buttigieg is gay. The right also quotes a tweet from Richard Grenall, who is the current U.S. Ambassador to Germany and openly gay, defending Mike Pence.


CNN: Buttigieg to Pence: 'If you got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me -- your quarrel, sir, is with my creator'

CBS: Buttigieg challenges Pence on LGBTQ rights: "Your quarrel is with my creator"

The left presents a very neutral account of Pete Buttigieg’s comments regarding the VP. They quote Buttigieg’s statements and highlight the main points he was trying to convey. The left also emphasizes the broader message regarding LGBTQ rights in Buttigieg’s speech, rather than focusing solely on his criticism of Pence.

Where's the common ground?

There is no common ground between the right and left outlets on this topic. The left presents Buttigieg’s statements without including a larger narrative. The right is focused on defending Pence and asserting that Buttigieg’s comments are an attempt to bolster his 2020 presidential bid.

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