Brett Kavanaugh: Judgement Day ⚖️

Doug Mills / The New York Times

Doug Mills / The New York Times

President Trump’s nominee

Brett Kavanaugh’s US Supreme Court confirmation hearings start this week. President Trump’s nominee is a Yale Law grad and was a former White House lawyer under President George W. Bush. 

Big shoes to fill

Kavanaugh’s nomination is especially significant since he is replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is viewed as a ‘wild card’ vote. Kennedy was often the decisive vote that determined a liberal or conservative ruling. However, Kavanaugh’s appointment will likely shift the balance of the Supreme Court towards a more conservative one.


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The left argues that Kavanaugh’s appointment will be the end for women’s rights. They believe Kavanaugh will likely vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and consequently limit access to abortion. Worryingly, his belief that presidents should be immune from criminal investigations, prosecutions, and personal civil suits until leaving office conveniently make him a useful tool for Trump to utilize in escaping legal battles.


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The right argues that fears of Kavanaugh being anti-women are completely unfounded and made up by Democrats and Planned Parenthood. They present Kavanaugh’s extensive experience as evidence that he is qualified for the role. They argue that Kavanaugh has never mentioned his stance on Roe v. Wade, thus we cannot assume which way he will vote.

A shifting Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has been pretty evenly divided for a while now. Out of the nine Justices, there have consistently been four liberal and four conservative judges, with retiring Kennedy being the centrist. Trump's first pick (Justice Gorsuch) replaced a conservative - so no shift in balance. Trump's second pick (Kavanaugh) is viewed as a conservative who is replacing a centrist. Trump may get one more pick if Justice Ginsburg, who is 85, also retires. This would seal the deal for a conservative court

When it comes to Supreme Court rulings



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