Boris Johnson Seeks Snap Election, Again 🇬🇧

Andrew Milligan / Pool / Getty Images

Andrew Milligan / Pool / Getty Images

New UK PM calls for general election

After British Members of Parliament voted against Johnson’s proposed general election on Sep. 4, the PM called for one a second time. He then branded Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a “cowardly insult to democracy.” 

Who seeks a general election?

Although Number 10 proposed a general election, many figures are reluctant to support one. Senior Labour leaders have urged Corbyn to hold off from backing a snap election. Likewise, the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats rebuked Johnson’s proposition as disingenuous. 


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The right questions the motives of Labour, rebel Tories, and other opposition parties. Articles may refer to opponents’ defiance as part of an “agenda,” for instance. Other outlets will quote Johnson first in their pieces, in which he criticizes his opponents. The right, in sum, reports largely on what Johnson has to say. Some articles allege that Labour is splintering


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The left focuses on the sharpening divisions within the Tory party. Some articles emphasize the resignation of Boris Johnson’s brother, Jo Johnson, as an MP. Interestingly, liberal articles tend to focus more on conservative rebels to Johnson rather than on what Labour or opposition figures have to say. 

Where's the common ground?

Common ground between the left and right is moderate. Many conservative news outlets concur that the Tories are divided on a No Deal Brexit, similar to the left’s take. Both the left and the centrist right report the perspectives of rebel MPs who dislike Johnson. 

Watching Brexit unfold like



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