Border Patrol Agents Use Secret Facebook Group To Post Derogatory Memes 📲

Gregory Bull / AP / Shutterstock

Gregory Bull / AP / Shutterstock

ProPublica recently uncovered a secret Facebook group entitled “I’m 10-15.” 

10-15 is Customs and Border Protections code for “aliens in custody.” The group has been used by 9.5K members—many of whom, at least, are past and current CBP agents—to post racist, xenophobic, and sexist images and textposts. 

Where does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come into this?

A notable post on the Facebook group included AOC appearing to have oral sex with President Trump. In a series of tweets, AOC said that “This isn’t about ‘a few bad eggs.’ This is a violent culture.” The report comes just ahead of AOC’s planned visit to the border, which the congresswoman completed as planned. 


Fox News: Ocasio-Cortez accuses border officers of ‘violent culture’ after report on graphic Facebook posts

Daily Caller: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claims CBP Culture Is ‘Violent’ Following Report On Facebook Group

The right highlights the posts by focusing on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Several articles lead with her name as a talking point, and those that don’t often include mention of her in the title. The vulgarity of the posts is acknowledged and AOC’s tweets are cited. The tone is not directly against AOC, but articles on the right frame the story through her. 


Boston Globe: ProPublica got a look inside a secret Border Patrol agent Facebook page. What it found was ugly

The Hill: ProPublica uncovers Facebook group for Border Patrol agents filled with derogatory posts targeting migrants, lawmakers

The left focuses on the shocking nature of the posts. Articles speculate what kind of people might say such things, and if such people are fit to be Border Patrol agents. When articles speak on the posts about AOC specifically, they highlight the vulgarity of the posts and applaud the congresswoman for continuing her border visit as planned. Overall, articles on the left talk about AOC, but frame the story by highlighting the apparent bias of many Border Patrol agents.

Where's the common ground?

The left and right tell essentially the same story. Both regard all posts made in the secret Facebook group to be reprehensible and possibly indicative of unfit CBP agents. Each side highlights a different aspect of the story, but each does cover the entire spectrum, even if to differing degrees. This may be one of the only times the left and right have both talked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez without trading barbs. 

Mark Zuckerberg rn, seeing what's become of Facebook:



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