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Jason Alden / Bloomberg News

Jason Alden / Bloomberg News

A plea for wall moneyWe can't give you $ here's $2B instead

SoftBank was reportedly planning a $16 billion investment in co-working startup WeWork, which would have given them a controlling stake in the company. Instead it seems the investment has been dropped to $2 billion after SoftBank investors tightened their wallets. WeWork has raised $10.6 billion in total and is valued at $42 billion.

What's a 'Softbank'?

SoftBank is a Japanese conglomerate recently known for making massive investments in tech startups. Besides investing a total of $9 billion in WeWork, SoftBank has also invested $300 million in Wag (dog walking startup), led a $535 million round in DoorDash (food delivery), and invested $1.2 billion in Uber.


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Some believe SoftBank is successfully continuing in its long line of massive tech investments. They highlight that the firm is investing in innovative companies and that some are bound to be successful. While they acknowledge that WeWork is still losing massive amounts of money, they believe that SoftBank's support will lead the company to success.


Business Insider: SoftBank has slashed a planned $16 billion mega-investment in WeWork after facing objections and will now invest $2 billion

The Real Deal: SoftBank planned to invest $16B into WeWork. That number just got way smaller.

Others believe SoftBank is taking big risks on a startup that is losing literally over $1 billion a year. They note that SoftBank's largest investment fund is backed by Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi and the fact that SoftBank's investors forced them into a smaller deal is a bad sign for WeWork.

Will WeWork survive?

WeWork has roughly 300 locations. Only 25% of the tenants in these locations are mature "enterprises." This could be a huge issue for them if their startup tenant-base departs in groves in the next stock market downturn, which may be imminent given the recent stock market turmoil.

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