Biden’s “Middle Ground” Sparks Conflict 🌳

Sean Rayford / Getty Images

Sean Rayford / Getty Images

Climate policy controversy

Late last week, sources close to Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden revealed that he was considering a “middle-ground” approach to climate and environmental policy. Biden’s campaign declined to comment on policy specifics, but a campaign spokesman did state that Biden does consider climate change “an existential threat.”

Progressive pushback

This purported stance on climate change is being attacked by more progressive Democrats such as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), both of whom have been pushing for the passage of a Green New Deal in Congress.


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The right is focusing primarily on Biden’s defense of his purported policy ideas to his critics; Fox News also reported on his ‘calm down” remarks. However, they are also framing the situation as a battle between candidates in a seemingly ever-growing Democratic candidate field, which fits their narrative of Democrats’ desperation to find a suitable opponent to challenge Trump in 2020.


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The left is choosing to take a more introspective and critical view, which is a logical approach to a candidate whose views on climate policy are allegedly more moderate than more progressive voices. This choice fits into the popular narrative that Biden’s age and moderate views might not be what the Democrats should be searching for in a 2020 nominee.

Where’s the common ground?

Both the left and the right are reporting on similar events, even if they are choosing to highlight different aspects of them. The left is focusing more on Biden’s suitability as a candidate, while the right is choosing to look more at Biden’s remarks in defense of his allegedly moderate position on climate policy.

Meanwhile, Joe is ready to...



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