Biden Reveals Climate Plan 🌱

Elizabeth Frantz / The New York Times

Elizabeth Frantz / The New York Times

A much-anticipated announcement

On Tuesday, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden finally announced his plan to tackle the threat of climate change. It includes support for a Green New Deal, drastic emissions reductions by 2050, water and land conservation, and harsher consequences for corporate polluters that would be enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice.

Eliminating the middle ground

One of the reasons that pundits and voters were eagerly awaiting Biden’s climate plan was the rumors that suggested the Biden campaign was taking a “middle ground” approach to combating climate change. Since then, the pressure for the former Vice President to release his climate strategy in detail had been mounting.


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The right is focusing on the practical constraints of Biden’s new climate strategy, as they have when most Democratic candidates present their plans to combat climate change. They highlight the jobs that will be lost as well as the cost to the American taxpayer, with less emphasis on the global effect of attempting to reverse climate change.


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The left is interpreting this as a sign that the Biden campaign is more understanding of the progressive climate measures favored by less moderate Democratic voters and candidates. They are speculating on the effect this will have on the polls.

Where’s the common ground?

Both sides seem somewhat skeptical of Biden’s plan, but for different reasons. The left is wondering if it’s an attempt to garner support from voters who otherwise would not have supported Biden. The right is skeptical of the policy itself, keeping with its attitudes about strong climate policy in general.

I don't think it works that way...



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