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Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Biden’s buyback program

In a recent CNN interview, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stated that if elected, he would attempt to buy back all assault weapons in the United States. Biden followed up this statement by pointing out that the “Second Amendment does not say you can’t restrict the kinds of weapons people can own.”

Hopeful for help

Biden’s comments came after three mass shootings over the weekend in El PasoDayton, and Chicago. Following the shootings, gun control has become one of the main talking points among Democratic candidates, with each attempting to publicize their plans through mainstream media. Biden’s proposed program is comparable to Australia's buyback policy. 


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Articles that are against gun buyback condemn the program as unconstitutional and un-American. These sources fear the possibility of the US government taking guns, which they stress is personal property. Articles also claim that a buyback program could be the beginning of the abolition of the Second Amendment. 


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Articles that are for Biden’s buyback program report on the potential policy objectively. However, these sources' support comes from their emphasis on the severity of the gun violence epidemic in America, and they introduce Biden’s plan as a feasible alternative to gun control legislation today. 

Where's the common ground?

With the recent mass shootings plaguing the U.S., both sides seek to rectify the issue and protect the citizens that are or may be affected by future attacks. While differing in attitudes towards gun controls, publications from both sides agree that politicians have the power to make the country safer.  

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