Biden 2020 Is A Go 🚦

Michael Dwyer / AP

Michael Dwyer / AP

In it to win it

Thursday, Joe Biden officially announced that he’s running for president. This will be his third time running – first in 1988 and again in 2008. He announced his candidacy with a video about Charlottesville and how hate is spreading under Trump.

Third time's a charm!

Biden has immediately become the front runner in a crowded field of 21 Democrats running for president. However, political analysts and journalists are divided on whether he has a chance at winning the whole shabang.


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Biden doubters believe he might actually end up splitting the Democratic party between moderates and extremists (side note: almost sounds like Trump in 2016...). They argue he isn’t progressive enough for the “new left” that has emerged in the wake of Trump’s 2016 election.


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Washington Post: Joe Biden is the best candidate to beat Trump

Biden supporters believe he has a better chance of beating Trump than anyone else because he is a centrist Democrat who won’t galvanize the nation further towards partisanship. They argue he is level headed and won’t be running on anger like many of the other candidates.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides agree that Biden fits the typical image of an American president: old, white, male – and that doesn’t do him any favors. They also acknowledge he comes with some baggage involving his touchy-feely manners. However, one side thinks regardless of these downsides, he’s the best guy to beat Trump.

Welcome back, JoBama memes



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