Bailout for the Trade War 🤝

 John Moore / Getty Images

 John Moore / Getty Images

"Temporary assistance measure"

The Trump administration revealed a $12 billion aid package to help farmers affected by newly imposed tariffs. Some believe Trump is trying to fix a trade problem he started, while the White House says this is a short-term plan to help farmers while Trump fights for trade concessions. The aid will include:

  • Direct payments to affected farmers 
  • A guarantee to buy unsold crops and distribute them to food banks
  • A program to create new export markets for farmers

Reminder about the "trade war"

This assistance is in response to retaliatory tariffs from China, Canada, Mexico and the EU after Trump levied tariffs on many of their goods. China is specifically targeting U.S. agricultural products such as soy, wheat, corn, poultry and more.

The right commends Trump for being tough on trade and not backing down easily to retaliatory tariffs. The right believes this will send a message to China that America will not back down. They also quote farmers who support Trump and believe that winning this trade war will take patience. The right ultimately believes that the short-term pain will be worth the long-term reward - hopefully in the form of Chinese concessions. 

The left is furious that Trump is bailing out farmers for a problem that he started. The left was always opposed to imposing tariffs on trade partners and has an "I told you so" attitude. They also believe that this is simply a political stunt by Trump in order to buy votes ahead of the midterm elections. Finally, they note that many Republicans and even farmers think this bailout is a bad idea.

Trump's gamble 🎲

While it's true that many Republicans are pissed about the bailout, many others are looking forward to the boost it will give their constituents before the midterm elections. Trump is gambling that this $12 billion payoff will keep his electoral base happy through elections so that Republicans can maintain control of the House and Senate. This will ultimately buy Trump more time to resolve the trade issue. 

Trump on the trade war



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