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Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Shutdown round two?

Yesterday, lawmakers from the House and the Senate met to continue negotiating border security funding. If a deal is not reached by February 15th - when the stopgap spending bill that reopened the government expires - the government could shut down again.

Wall or nothing

To open the negotiations, Democrats offered funding for more customs officers, imaging technology to scan vehicles coming into the country, and new technology to screen mail for drugs. President Trump tweeted that if a wall is not being considered, negotiators are “wasting their time”.


Washington Post: Trump digs in on border-wall funds, but Democrats’ opening bid is zero

Vox: Democrats aren’t ruling out physical barriers in a border security deal

The left sees the border impasse as a result of the President’s inflexibility on the issue. Articles argue that border security funding is better spent on technology and personnel - but also point out that Democrats are willing to compromise on wall funding. It’s the lack of clarity around what Trump will accept as adequate wall funding, the left argues, that is prolonging this impasse.


Washington Times: Dems' border security proposal would release illegal immigrants into U.S.

IJR: Trump Warns Border Security Committee They’re ‘Wasting Their Time’ if They Aren’t Discussing a Wall

The right sees the border impasse as a result of the Democrats’ unwillingness to cooperate and softness on border security. Articles argue that, by not offering any funding for a wall, Democrats are prolonging the fight. Trump will get the wall built, the right argues, even if legislators are unable to agree on funding - by declaring a state of emergency.

Will there be another government shutdown?

We're leaning no. Trump’s approval rating dropped during the shutdown and so did support for the wall. This nationwide rejection indicates to us that Trump likely won’t try that again. If lawmakers can’t reach a compromise that includes funding for the wall, Trump will likely declare an emergency to fund its construction, as he’s said he will do.

Just call 911



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