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Saul Loeb / AFP/ Getty Images

Saul Loeb / AFP/ Getty Images

AG grilled by House Dems

On Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr testified in front of the House of Representatives. He faced questions about the Mueller report, the Russia probe, President Trump’s immigration policy, and the White House’s attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act through the courts.

Lingering questions

Although Barr was technically called to testify about Trump’s DOJ budget request, the focus was on the abridged findings of the Mueller report Barr provided them, as well as the claims that the Mueller report was actually more damaging than Barr’s summary would suggest.


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The right has seemingly broken into two camps on this issue: those who are choosing to report on Barr’s dismissal of the claims that he downplayed the severity of the Mueller report, and those who are avoiding the Mueller report altogether in favor of reporting Barr’s other topics of discussion, such as the DOJ’s lack of pursuance of civil rights cases.


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The left is choosing to highlight the Mueller-related questions asked to Barr, but is also shining a light on the other situations regarding the Justice Department on which Barr was questioned. Trump’s attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act have been a focus of much left-leaning coverage since the president stated that he would not address the situation until 2020.

Where’s the common ground?

The right and left are both somewhat content with Barr’s choice to release the Mueller report (albeit a redacted version) within a week. The right is hoping for further proof of exoneration. The left is hoping that the leaks claiming that Barr downplayed the gravity of the report’s contents are true.

The left before the Mueller report came out



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