Trump’s Emergency at the Border ⏰💵

Evan Vucci / AP / REX / Shutterstock

Evan Vucci / AP / REX / Shutterstock

The president is on the move

On Thursday, President Trump traveled to McAllen, Texas to continue making his case for “the wall,” his promised solution to the immigration “crisis” at the border. The trip, which the President himself has deemed pointless, comes after a failed meeting with Congressional leaders, which further stalled government shutdown talks.

Skipping over Congress?

Before leaving for the border patrol station in McAllen, President Trump addressed the media, stating he has the “absolute right to declare a national emergency.” This move, which is typically used for mass tragedies and natural disasters (like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina), would supposedly allow Trump to bypass Congress and use military funds to build the wall.


Washington Post: Does Trump really have 'absolute power' to declare a national emergency? Let's examine the statute.

New York Times: Trump, heading to the border, suggests he will declare an emergency to fund the wall

The left continually stresses the high likelihood that if Trump does decide to declare a national emergency at the border, it will undoubtedly be challenged in court. They also repeatedly mention that the “crisis” Trump has conjured up for the media is, in fact, not a crisis at all.


Breitbart: CNN's Jim Acosta makes case for wall: No emergency where there's wall

Fox News: Trump, en route to border, ramps up warning he could declare national emergency 

The right, while also acknowledging the possibility of Trump declaring a national emergency, put more emphasis on Democratic hypocrisy, regarding whether the issue is worthy of the term “emergency.” For example, the right points to past statements made by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who previously referenced the humanitarian crisis at the border.  

No end in sight

Trump has made a (most likely) futile trip to the border, Democrats are extremely frustrated in Washington, and 800,000 federal workers want to be paid for their work again. Although it may seem like moves are being made, the shutdown has ironically hit a wall.

Hit. The. Wall. 



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