Another State Passes A Heartbeat Bill ❤️

Fred Squillante / The Columbus Dispatch / AP

Fred Squillante / The Columbus Dispatch / AP

More abortion restrictions

Ohio just signed into law a “heartbeat bill” that puts a ban on abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. The only exception it contains is for the health of the mother. It passed both houses of the state legislature on a party line vote. Ohio is the 6th state in the nation to pass a bill of this nature.

Where did this bill come from?

The first heartbeat bill was introduced back in 2011 in the Ohio state legislature. North Dakota was the first to pass a bill of this kind in 2013. Lower courts have stuck down these bills multiple times and the Supreme Court passed on looking into any appeals of those rulings.


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The right 
sees this as another opportunity to challenge the limits of Roe v Wade. They believe that the bill will “provide opportunity to educate Americans.” The articles cite a recent Rasmussen poll where 56% of Americans would “support banning abortion” after 6 weeks after being informed that a heartbeat can be detected at that point.


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The left 
views the bill as another threat to women’s reproductive rights that will ultimately get blocked. They highlight how women are usually “still unaware that they’re even pregnant” within the limit the bill specifies. The articles also mention how the last Republican governor struck down the previous two versions of the bill because he believed the courts would deem it “unconstitutional”.

Where's the common ground?

Both sides acknowledge that this bill will probably end up getting blocked by the courts. They believe that the conservatives will continue to pass these bills until the Supreme Court makes a ruling against them.




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