Another Round: Trump vs. Pelosi 👊

Evan Vucci / AP Photo

Evan Vucci / AP Photo

War of the words

The exchange of words between President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) intensified last week. The president referred to Speaker Pelosi as “Crazy Nancy” after Speaker Pelosi commented on the president’s unpredictable behavior, suggesting an intervention. She hit back at Trump, sarcastically referring to him as a “stable genius.”  

Not all love is lost

Contrary to popular opinion, according to some close to the president, Trump actually likes Pelosi. He considers her a worthy adversary and respects her. In particular, he respects the power she has over her caucus.


The Daily Mail: 'Impeachment would be political suicide': Lindsey Graham warns Speaker Nancy Pelosi she will lose her job if she goes after Trump

Washington Examiner: Graham: Pelosi’s job ‘very much at risk’

The right emphasizes Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) comments surrounding this Trump vs. Pelosi episode. They quote Graham warning that an impeachment effort would be “political suicide” as, according to him, there is no reason to impeach the president. Furthermore, the right highlights Graham’s warning that the GOP will take back the House, should the Democrats pursue an impeachment attempt.


CNN: Donald Trump falls for Nancy Pelosi's trap

The Hill: Pelosi uses Trump to her advantage

The left contends that President Trump’s increased attacks on Speaker Pelosi are helping her unite her caucus. They argue that Pelosi, who believes impeachment at this stage is premature, has faced a lot of pressure in recent weeks to pursue impeachment and Trump’s recent attacks on her have helped her rally support. Furthermore, the left emphasizes that Trump has once again fallen for Pelosi’s bait.

Where's the common ground?

Considering the divisive nature of the topic and contradictory narratives built around it, there is no common ground between outlets from either side presented above.

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