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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Trump reaches a deal with Guatemala

President Trump announced a "safe third country" deal with Guatemala where migrants passing through Guatemala would have to apply for asylum there before coming to the U.S. The U.S. will also increase the number of H-2A visas for temporary agricultural Guatemalan workers.

How did it come about?

The U.S. had been negotiating an agreement with Guatemala for months to try and curb the flow of immigration to the southern border. Guatemala’s Constitutional court had granted three injunctions preventing its government from signing a deal without its Congressional approval. However, after Trump threatened a travel ban, tariffs, and taxes on remittances, Guatemala agreed to sign the deal.


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The right views the deal as another immigration win for Trump. They believe it could clamp down on the “surge of bogus asylum-seekers” from Honduras and El Salvador. They cite statistics from Homeland Security that show “slightly more than 10%” of Central American immigrants win their asylum cases.


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The left focuses on building a narrative that says Guatemala will not be able to implement the deal. They bring up comments by Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) that Guatemala is not a safe country for migrants. They believe that Guatemala will have “no capacity” to take in refugees since it is “mired in poverty and unemployment”. 

Where's the common ground?

There is very little common ground between those who support and those who disagree with Trump’s handling of immigration from Central America. However, both sides acknowledge that there is disagreement on whether Guatemala can be considered safe.

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